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Virtual HR Consultant

Not sure what HR services you may need, or possibly that you may need help in several areas? A virtual consultant might be the right service for you. For a monthly retainer, I can provide insight, answer questions, facilitate training, etc. on an on-demand basis. This is a great solution for quick guidance via email or phone as the need arises. It's a service that fits all size companies but is especially appropriate for those without an existing HR presence. 

Employee Handbooks

No matter what size, every company needs an employee handbook.  It provides the foundation for good communications and expectations of the employer and the employee. Let’s customize a handbook that fits your company size and culture.

Screening and Recruiting

Every business owner wants to hire fast and more importantly, hire right.  Turnover is costly and hurts company morale.  Let me help you with the process.  I can provide resume review, pre-screen candidates, provide good and relevant interview questions for you and your team, or even participate in the interview process.


What more can be said about payroll services?  Bottom line, this is one of the most important functions in your company.  Inaccurate or late paychecks send the wrong message to your team.  Use an outside resource and take the stress off of your plate.


What more can be said about payroll services?  Bottom line, this is one of the most important functions in your company.  Inaccurate or late paychecks send the wrong message to your team.  Use an outside resource and 

Performance Management

Managers and owners always have the best of intentions to provide consistent feedback to their employees about performance.  However, it is one of the last things that gets completed and sometimes, it never does get completed.  Performance feedback, both positive and redirection, is critical to employee retention and to the smooth and efficient operation of your company.  How and when to do it should be in line with your company’s goals and planning.  I can help design a performance management program that best meets your needs.

Training & Development

Employees (particularly certain generations) thrive on gaining knowledge.  They want to know how their company is investing in them both from a paycheck and with a career path plan.  Training comes in various forms and topics – most generally broken down by categories such as leadership, service or product training.  I offer everything from 1:1 training, small group, leadership, product or service training.  I have several modules prepared for immediate use or can customize training to fit your team.



Whether it be an individual or a team that could use some redirection or encouragement, I am available to work with your team.  After an initial consult, we can decide together what direction is the most appropriate to achieve the desired end result.  I have many outside resources that can be tapped if you are looking for a specialized situation.

Policies and Procedures

Every company would be more organized and efficient if there were certain guidelines in place.  And, every employee would appreciate knowing where to look to get their questions answered.  Putting policies and procedures in place keep your workplace running efficiently and often times, add another level of safety to your business. 

Strategic Planning

Sometimes the best person for the job is an outsider.  One with a different perspective who is not tied up in the day to day operations.  I may be able to provide insight, suggestions and clarity to your strategic plan.  Perhaps you haven’t reviewed it in a while.  Let’s dust it off and take a fresh look. After all, this is your business plan – your goals and sometimes, even your wishes and dreams.

Program Coordination

We’d all like to offer extra programs to our teams.  However, time is limited and resources can be already stretched.  I can assist in customizing and facilitating programs for wellness, safety and benefits.  Not everyone has a full insurance program, but there are ways to offer a multitude of benefits to your staff at a very low cost.  Let me assist you in exploring your options that add to your employee engagement and retention.

Merger and Acquisition Activities

If you’ve ever considered buying an existing business or combining businesses, you know there is a huge amount of due diligence to be completed before a solid conclusion can be reached.  Or, if you’ve already purchased or combined companies, there is a need to have a project plan in place to ensure a smooth transition.  What makes a merger successful?  It is all about the people. They are your biggest asset and usually, the most volatile one. Let me help you plan your next acquisition so you actually get what you wanted to acquire. 


What sets your company apart from your competitors can be identified as culture or your branding.  Having a strong sense of culture and brand not only sells your business, it also cements employee engagement and ownership.  Let me help you identify your culture or brand or assist you in capitalizing on what you already have.

Custom Projects

You may have a need for other services outside of Human Resources that I can accommodate. Whether this be a one-time project or an ongoing service, let's explore the opportunities. These services could include general business assistance or office services, report creation or recurring distribution, website maintenance, mailings, procedures, light bookkeeping or record keeping. 

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